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The holiday preamble

Dedication to a special friend

This holiday blog is dedicated to my good friend Fi. Thanks to her kindness, I enjoyed an amazing winter trip to Lanzarote in January.

In preparation

After a couple of obligatory get-togethers over a few G&Ts, where we discussed really important issues like…

…what sort of clothes to pack

“let’s be clever and just take one shampoo”, and

…small incidentals like insurance, tickets, money and passport (including COVID app downloaded showing our vaccination records)…

We were good to go!

Ladies in Lanzarote 2023

I know, that’s not the most thrilling or imaginative team name! …but after cycling through names for our trip, we were kinda limited.

After all, what do you call two ladies who enjoy drinking Fizz & Gin and occasionally lunch who are then let loose on a week’s trip away in the sun (this is a rhetorical question!)

  • ‘Girls on Tour’? – Hardly at our age! We aren’t exactly girls anymore …and we were never really Club 18-30 material anyway!
  • ‘Thelma & Louise’ – I think that’s a bit worn out now and let’s face it, hardly us either! I mean, it has a bit of a messy ending, and besides, we aren’t really in the Brad Pitt camp (give us George Clooney any day!)

So, there you have it, lame as it may be …this is the Ladies in Lanzarote Tour blog.

Not the blog for you

The Ladies in Lanzarote blog tells our week-long story packed full of thrilling😉 and slightly repetitive activities…

Namely, lazing in the brilliant sunshine by a pool or on a beach, reading books, eating great food and drinking Cava, G&T, Sangria, Baileys and Wine (though not all in the same glass!), and occasionally meeting some interesting characters along the way…

…I’m letting you know this in advance so if this isn’t what you are looking for in a blog post you can escape while you have a chance!

The Hotel

One final thing to draw your attention to in this preamble (everything else will become clear later)…

When we mention the hotel and some of the people in it you may be mistaken into thinking we were in fact on a Saga holiday.

Not true, if the recent ads are anything to go by, then Saga may be considered a bit too racy for our hotel’s sedate pace! …think more Club 80-130!

So there you have it. You have been warned! What follows is a nice bit of self-indulgence for a BA who certainly needed a holiday!

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